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I used to know what to write in these things, but I’m totally clueless now. I used to have people read these things, but I don’t any more and wouldn’t even know where to start to get people to read them!

This blog starts at 03 because i’ve attempted entries before. Well, two more since I’ve decided to start writing one again. But this is going to be the first one of me starting it all over again properly, with updating a few times a week – I can’t promise every day, but I’m going to do it a few times a week. Readers or not.

I don’t know what’s prompting me to start writing, perhaps it’s because I think my life is going to start getting interesting again. Heading full speed back into education, going to tackle Media Studies and Entertainment Technology. Can’t wait. I love learning new stuff but i have to stick at it. Always been my weakness, first two/three weeks I hit it flat out and then it starts to peter out. Can’t be arsed to wake up, can’t be arsed to go out. Decide its ‘only one lesson’ then miss the entire day. I can’t afford to do that now. Can’t afford to do it in all meanings of the phrase, can’t afford the time. Can’t afford to piss away the funding. Can’t afford to fail.

It’s not like I dislike my job because I don’t. Granted I get a little tired of the mundaneness of it, but at the end of the day General Enquires has the biggest range of things we can tackle. Plus learning how to do things that other departments can do gives my day a bit more range. You get to talk to some interesting people. Sort out some interesting problems and you don’t really have to think about it when you leave the building. Its a simple enough job and I’m getting pretty fit doing it. Cycling there and back every day is certainly helping me stay trim! I think I’m coming up to 2500miles, perhaps even more. And it certainly does seem to be a company who gives a toss.

I’m wanting to start a ‘new chapter’, which I guess is why I’m blogging again. It’s one of the things I want to do more of. Same as I want to spend one or two hours a week trying to get the basics of the guitar down. I don’t necessarily want to be Carlos Santana, but I’d love to learn a few easy songs. I just need to find the patience for it and I just need to focus myself more.

I will focus myself more.

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