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So I’m attempting a little bit of a social experiment, I’ve recently readded a lot of people I went to school with back onto my facebook – most of them were on there before, but as they never spoke to me at school and never really said anything on there, I removed them all. I’m wondering if any body is going to say anything this time. Although it could be argued I never said anything to them either. In which case I was no better. We’ll see how it goes.

Speaking of seeing how it goes, back to the grind tomorrow. Only for a day though, which is frustrating. I tried to get tomorrow off a week ago but clearly only a few spaces remained and clearly i wasn’t fast enough to claim one. I feel bad about it because it means we could have gone to Emma’s parents earlier – she hates not getting to spend as long as she likes there. I feel bad that we don’t live closer to be honest – hopefully when we’re both done with Uni we’ll move closer to Kent, perhaps not in Kent, but certainly closer. Joked about moving to Gillingham but Emma would never want to live that close to Tom.

As I said in the previous post its not the actual job that bothers me, its not getting there either that does. Just, for one, I want to be better at it. As I’ve told my manager, I hate being bottom of the team. I don’t mind being mediocre but I don’t want to be rock bottom. How hard can it be to convince two people a day that they want gas and electric through us? Well actually, it’s not really that difficult to convince them its taking enough calls in the day for someone to call through who’s going to present that opportunity and i think that’s what clearly lets me down.

It’ll be good to have some time off though, need to recharge, I’m not someone who actually takes time off from work nor calls in sick – whether I’m sick or not. I came in every day when the snow fell. Cycled most of it. Some parts of my journey along 2 inch thick sheet ice just because I didn’t want to call in. Who’d have thought that sitting down taking phone calls all day would tire you out so much. Constant thought involved, always engaged in doing something, maths, discussions about where usage comes through. Its hard to explain, but I’ve really never felt this tired. I think the biggest thing is over coming the feeling of when I get into work, looking at the clock and thinking ‘I can’t see the end to this day’.

University is going to cure that problem though, the three years there are going to fly past and I’ll love every second of it. I don’t get how people say they can’t stand education – or how they couldn’t wait to leave it – learning new stuff is awesome. FACT. Sharing what you’ve learnt is awesome. Even if people don’t give a toss.

Which is probably why I’m blogging. No one is going to care about this, but I’m sharing it anyway, putting it out there. I’m not even discussing what I’ve got up to during my day – or my bank holiday weekend. Just discussing what’s going through my head.

But isn’t that what blogging is about?

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