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So the bank holiday has come and got and what did I really get up too?

The Friday I went to see Clash of the Titans. A film which i enjoyed and at the same time, felt let down by. Not through the story, or the acting, but by the set pieces. Massive action sequences between men and titans that seem to be over particularly quickly without so much of an actual face off. The scope of these sequences was huge but you felt a little let down in places and they all seemed to be over just a little too quickly.

Saturday was work as I do every other Saturday, it was a pretty steady day, nothing major going on there though. Played some XBox in the eve with Tommy G – aka T Bone – Battlefield BC2 is quite an amazing game, which every way you look at it, unless your looking at it at 2am when no one is playing. That probably comes down to european servers and us servers – rather then world servers. Managed to drag it out for as long as we could and then hit some Forza 3 for a couple of races.

Tried the same sunday night and had the same outcome. I think once rush drops below 6 against six the game becomes dull. And the problem is it doesn’t balance team or merge games either. Been playing the game quite solidly since release and i feel that its let down.

The late saturday ruined my plans to watch all the grand prix. Sometimes the preamble is more interesting then the actual race. Although I, ironically, managed to stay awake during the preamble in the quali rerun on the red button and fell asleep six minutes before it started and woke up with about 4 minutes left. Knew the results before it started though as i was following it on twitter at work.

Twitter is the future.

Reinstalled and played some black and white on the on the pc as well. Got the same stage i got to last time, second island, having to take enemy villages and getting a very familiar feeling of i’m bored and want to do something more interesting. Although it is, without doubt, a ground breaking game, I use the present tense because despite all the games i’ve played since, I haven’t quite played anything like it.

Me and Emma have downloaded and been watching some FlashForward. I think its a really good programme and an interesting concept. The world blacking out for 2minutes 17seconds and everyone seeing their future is a brilliant idea – although how long can they keep it going for, there’s only so much narrative within it. Surely. On the other side of that discussion look at something like Heroes that has so much scope but all seems to be written in the fly. Well each series is written individually it seems there’s no real coherence, not in the same way each series of Lost really works together and it feels like everything was planned out from start to finish.

The dedication involved in that must be immense, look at Tom Clancy, 13 Ryanverse books, all with characters rich with a history, that runs through every book beautifully. I read them in the order they were set, not the order they were written and i was blown away by how well it all worked.

My bank holiday was relaxed, as it should be, chilled out. Ate some snacks, watched some TV. Now sat in a car pretty much in Ramsgate. Deciding whether I’m really blogging or if I’m writing essays around my life and experiences. Is that a bad thing though? Do i sound like Carrie Bradshaw asking myself all these questions?

I did enjoy my weekend greatly, I do love spending time with the Emster, she complains I don’t mention her enough in my journal, despite the fact this would only be my third entry. I imagine she’s going to be mentioned a few times this week!

What does the coming week hold? Who knows, not much gaming though! Going to miss my Saturday night late night with Tommy G. Its normally pretty epic.

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