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Thursday morning. First proper day of my little holiday. Late start. Amazing weather, warm, clear skies, beautiful sun. Took a walk to Broadstairs with my beautiful lady. Had some food, well a couple of sausage rolls on next to the beech. Had a short wonder round and walked back. Was nice and leisurely. Calming.

Had a slowish afternoon, everyone had a nap, i didn’t, I’m not really a napper, I’m either awake or asleep. If i fall asleep on the couch or something its not because I’ve actively tried to sleep or wanting to nap – it’s because I’m actually asleep.

Played Half Life Portal again. That game is, without a doubt, amazing. A brilliant take on the puzzle genre. This was my second play through and i thought the second time, like i did the first, even though i knew what to do. That the game is clever, well thought out and mature and i can not wait for the second one.

Finished the evening watching the second part of American Idol – Shock results show! The judges used their save and kept Big Mike, which i feel is a joke – not the saving of him, because he is an awesome talent, just the concept of the judges save. Two people go home next week so they really didn’t save anyone. A small part of me wants to see someone who really does stand a chance of winning – like Casey – end up in the bottom two and go home.

Then we watched the Coen’s ‘Burn After Reading’. Second viewing, that film is crazy weird, i really like it though. Very clever. Still makes me laugh when he goes ‘your top secret shit’. Belly laugh. and JK Simmons. He can be a personal hero.

Off to Canterbury tomorrow. That place is awesome good.  But now, sleep.

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