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So, we hit the streets of Canterbury today. Its like stepping into an airport for juniors or something with all the foreign kids. Most of them obnoxious.

We were stood in the orange shop – as Emzie decided she wanted to upgrade to an iPhone and this group of european children walked in and started singing along to the music at the top of thier voices. The manager told them to leave, most of the group did except one who just stared at the manager then said something to him in whatever language she spoke. Was told to leave again, same thing, then she left.

Didn’t spend much, just wondered round looking at a few different things. Saw my Amazon Wish List in person. A bit upset that two of the books aren’t in the swish white Modern Classics spine. And was surprised at how big ‘Atlas Shrugged’ is! Only wanting to the read the book because 360 magazine said it’s quite similar to the idea behind ‘Bioshock’. A lot of the other books are on there purely because they are classics i’ve heard of and want to read. I don’t feel cultured enough so those books are a good place to start – i’ve already got Jack Karoauc’s ‘On The Road’ and Orwells ‘Nineteen Eighty Four’. All after i finish ‘The Age of Spiritual Machines’.

I did pick up a couple of PreOwned games – ‘Fable 2’ – because i’ve recently started playing ‘Black and White’ again and i think Molyneux is a genius. And i’ve also got ‘Grid’ so i can get a feel for how Codemasters tackle a track racing game – hopefully it’ll get me super excited for the F1 2010 when it comes out later this year.

This evening Me and Tommy have been working on a Sprocket Rocket blog – Sprocket Rocket for those of you who don’t know is the gamertag and emblem we use on the xbox. Just having a think about it now, its actually been around for over a year now! The blog is aiming at creating some kind of intelligent discussion. I’m quite looking forward to seeing what we can produce with it, even if we get a readership of twenty people i’ll be really proud.

Today there was some, horrific, sad and upsetting news. One of my all time favourite bands, Powderfinger, are annoucing this tour that they are doing and the album they have just released will be the last time they’ll perform together. I’m glad i’ve got tickets for one of thier last ever UK shows but it feels like a piece of me has died. I love this band. I have two tattoos that relate to them, they are just absolutely incredible and i’m not sure what i’ll do without them in my life.

But we’ve still got a very long way to go!

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