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Well, what can i say about today… Woke up late. Spent some money. Came back. Played some Xbox. Watched some TV and slaved over an entry for [SR] Entertainment Blog.

I’ve bought one book from my Amazon Wish List so far and that’s ‘The Catcher in the Rye’. I still haven’t started any of my other classics though because ‘The Age of Spiritual Machines’ is totally kicking my ass. Don’t get me wrong its a brilliant, intelligent book and Kurzweil’s predictions of the future are pretty good – the book was written 10years ago and he made predicts for what ‘09 would be like – he’s not far off. But some of this book is well beyond my level of understanding which i think is what slows me down. Its not to say i don’t understand it, but i don’t understand all of it – fully. I figure every time i start one of my classics, I’ll just get another one off the list. I’m not really sure what I’ll benefit from reading these, i guess I’ll just feel better about myself as a person – which is something I’d quite like to do.

I’m also four games up on where i was before this short holiday started. My games collection has had added to it ‘Fable 2’, ‘Grid’, ‘Hasbro Family Games Night’ and ‘Oblivion GOTY’. Now for those of you who know me, you know the last game is already technically in my collection. But eight quid for the game with the expansion works out much less then just buying the expansions off of live. So I’ll flog the game either on play trade or eBay or somewhere. Maybe to my mom.

I’m very excited about this [SR] Entertainment Blog with Tommy. As i said to him in a text, writing that post was stressing me out. I want it to become something that’s moderately successful. Whether it’s read by 10 people or read by 100people. As long as it’s people who aren’t part of its production I will be very proud of it.

Tomorrow hopefully, I will be visiting Tommy in his home town of Gillingham. I’m not sure yet if I am going on my ones or with Emma as she’s not feeling 100% at the moment. I’d really love her to come although I’m not really sure how bothered she is about going or not. I know she’d probably prefer to be at home with her parents anyway, sometimes when I’m here i just feel like I’m in the way of Emma and them. I know its probably not the actual case but its how i feel.

The one thing i am missing though, is usually this time of night I’ll just be digging in for a good 5/6 hours worth of gaming with the Tom. Hitting the battlefield and when the servers dry up. Hitting the track or the dirt. Or some other co op game that he hasn’t lent out. Which at the moment it seems like he’s lent or lost every co op game we’ve ever played.

I’m glad I’ve started Blogging again. I’m a little sad that no one ever reads. Or if they read they never comment. Although I am going to give it time, maybe someone will randomly stumble across this. Or see me link to it in my signature or something. Or maybe not.  Only three people it seems ever read my Twitter messages when i post them so i doubt anyone will stumble across this on whatever site i post it on – although I am covering my bases. WordPress. Livejournal and Blogger. Plus WordPress automatically updates my Twitter and Facebook everytime I post something. Perhaps and old school friend will read this… perhaps an old school friend my actually read a status update.

Peace out journaling world and don’t forget to drop by [SR] Entertainment Blog.


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6 responses

  1. Rich limburn

    Thought I’d let you know I’ve read everyone of your blogs so far, so at least you know one person is 🙂

    11/04/2010 at 02:32

  2. Cheers Rich. Means a lot. 🙂

    11/04/2010 at 07:59

  3. Emm0r

    You know you’re never in the way, I love you being here and they do too. You just need to get more involved silly!

    12/04/2010 at 10:45

  4. Natalie

    I’m reading… I just kept forgetting to comment!

    12/04/2010 at 22:03

    • i’ll be sure to not talk about how horrible you are to me.

      12/04/2010 at 22:05

      • Natalie

        Good, because that would be a lie. And baby jesus hates those.

        12/04/2010 at 22:08

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