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This morning was ‘interesting’ A half past eight crawl around a car boot fair. Not really sure what to make of it. Most of the stuff, if it was mine, i would have thrown away. And to be honest. I would have thrown most of it away ten years ago.

The afternoon was a slight change of pace however. Spent it in Gillingham with Tommy. He came and picked me up in, what is reputedly his favourite car, his dad’s focus and blasted through Kent, from Ramsgate to Gillingham, to his rather spiffing abode where we tackled all manner of gaming across the currant crop of ‘next gen’ consoles. I think he got a little upset that i got a few achievements for very little work. Tried to convince him its because I’m bad ass, but i don’t think he was particularly happy with it. Especially as he’s been working very hard to catch up with me – and to be honest, I’ve come to terms with the fact he’s going to overtake me, potentially by the end of the year.

But it was fun. To be honest it was my first gaming experience on a Nintendo Wii – well Wii games – last time i played it was Rock Band and that’s the same no matter what you play it on. We played some ‘Wii Sports’ then some ‘Mario and Sonic at the Olympics’. Both of which were pretty fun but i wasn’t blown away by the look of the games. But Nintendo is clearly happy sacrificing graphics for gameplay and it does seem quite a good trade off.

Didn’t play anything on the PS3, but watched an episode of ‘Halo Legends’. The episode was pretty good, but to be honest wasn’t blown away by the PS3. The menu system was straight off the PS3 and didn’t offer anything remotely close to what the xbox gives as far as presentation. I really can not see what the draw to that console is when put next to an xbox. I really can’t Why are people prepared to pay that much more for free online access?

What was pretty good though was ripping through a KFC Bucket. Eating chicken with your hands has a great way of making you feel like a man, Neanderthal man or a Tudor man. But a man all the same. Can’t really beat KFC though. No way. No how.

Did enjoy the games we played which for the record were ‘Yahtzee’, ‘Fifa 10’, ‘Street Fighter IV’, ‘Fable 2’ and some ‘Grid’. I think I’m going to enjoy getting down and playing the last two. ‘Fable 2’ looks pretty fun and from the 15minutes we played looks like there’s plenty to do and take in and i was pretty much blown away by ‘Grid it really is going to be a handful though.

The evening was chilled out like it has been the past couple, watched some TV – ‘Over the Rainbow’ one BBC is strangely addictive and I’ve already formulated funny comments to throw at the ones i dislike everytime they’re on. Makes me feel warm inside doing that. Have decided though that if i was to be in a musical – which Journal i am particularly fund of – I’d either be one of the Jets in ‘West Side Story’ or Curly in ‘Oklahoma’. I’m pretty certain I’d do a better job then Hugh Jackman. I’d pass up the opportunity to be one of my idols, Buddy Holly, purely because he’s a legend and I wouldn’t even come close to doing him justice.

Then we watched an episode of 24. Pretty much the first episode I’ve watched in its entirety and it came pretty short of blowing me away, didn’t even really come close to a small breeze. Didn’t really enjoy the character of Jack Bauer or the overall concept. This probably has something to do with me reading all of Tom Clancy’s Ryanverse books. Jack Ryan has done most of the stuff Bauer did and perhaps even more.

Anyway, I’m blogged out. Its bed time. That my dear journal. Was my day.

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  1. Emm0r

    Hello, I’m always reading little pooh. 😀

    12/04/2010 at 10:43

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