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So. Tuesday. Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday. What a weak ass day you are.

Monday totally kicks your ass. all over this shitty town. Emma went to the doctors today, she’s been under the weather – which is unusual as i’m normally the ill one when we come here. Must be the east coast air. Bad stuff in the air. Bad bad ju ju. Hopefully though the antibiotics will make Emma feel better. Fingers crossed.

Went to Lakeside today, to ikea. Not blown away by that place, ikea that is, not lakeside – as lakeside when you take it all in – we never went to the shopping mall – is HUGE. so many different ‘parks’ it was unbelievable how many things are there. You wouldn’t need to go anywhere else. If you lived in Essex. Which i don’t. But its certainly bigger than anchorage park.

This is the third Ikea i’ve been too. The first time i was in awe of it this time, i dunno. Kind of felt like going through the motions. We weren’t there long, only there a few hours and we picked up a couple of bits. A Shower Curtain, A Shaving Mirror and a mat. Our bathroom is going to look the shit. Although its not quite the periodic table shower curtain i had my eyes on, but its a nice one and should finish off our bathroom nicely. As generally the shower curtain is like the feature wall.

While looking for that link, i just found this, pretty certain i now know what i want to spend some random money on. Does it help my Motorola dext is called DEXTer?. I like to think so.

Other than the trip to Lakeside Ikea. Not much really happened today. Watched some Judge Judy, that woman is definitely a role model for me, she is incredible, no doubt about it. Some of these people as well and the reason why they sue is ridiculous and she’ll let you know about it too.

Tomorrow, I’m not sure of the plan, I’m sat up away from everyone else in a sulk because me and Em had a bit of a falling out. I do know how she feels though and we battle at home and she has no where to go because her parents are so far away. I had nowhere to go. I felt really trapped and embarrassed and pretty fucking low. Not low for the argument, low as in, home sick low.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a much brighter day, although I think Bluewater is involved in it some how. I pretty much know already how the day is going to go and some of the things that will be said by the key players. But i’ll approach it like its going to be new. And how knows might find something i want to buy. It’ll probably be in the racking in game, with a yellow sticker on it that says ‘preowned as there isn’t many new titles out that i really want.

I’m still hurting from the break up of Powderfinger. Wondering about editing my tattoo to pay a bit more of a tribute to them. Might stick a start/finish date and a lyric that best describes them next to my vulture. Or around it. I’m going to miss them, I’ll still have their music and I’m glad and honoured to have had the opportunity to see them Live and get to see them on their final UK tour.

Something that did make me smile today – I checked my stats to see where some of the views are coming from – I’m getting a good hit, well what i consider good, I’ve peaked around 30 views. Unfortunately it doesn’t say how many are unique, but says where they come from… which of you lovely people reads my journal through Twitterific? Come on… own up…

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3 responses

  1. I use twitterific on my phone.. But seriously I really don’t think i’ve looked at your blog 30 times (no offence, but that would be weird). :-/ 😦 someone else must use it. Or they’re just dirty liars.

    What’s wrong with Emma? Actually, I’ll text her.

    13/04/2010 at 10:56

    • I wasnt saying all views were you because i know only a few were from twitterific.

      13/04/2010 at 11:40

      • Ohhhhhhhhhhh

        13/04/2010 at 13:48

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