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So Tuesday. Did you live up to being a weak ass day? Kind of.

So on this fine Tuesday we didn’t do anything til’ at least lunch time and at that point we hit Westwood Cross. For those of you who do not know what Westwood Cross is. It’s a Cross between Gunwharf Quays and Whitley Shopping Village. Not as big as Gunwharf, but definitely better than Whitley.

Went to Waterstones so Emma’s mum could take her book back and get another one and I ended up buying a lovely looking bookmark with a list of 50 books to read before I die. Its an interesting list and one that prompted me to discuss what was on it over at the [SR] Blog – which i hope you guys are reading too. Tom had a little rant about Blackberry’s too.

After Westwood Cross we walked across the road to Chiquitos which as always delivered top class mexican food. I adore Chiquitos the food is lovely. I had a chicken Fajita, they charge an extra £1 for them on thier lunch menu – which is cheeky when you consider you have to build them yourself. But they come out on a still fizzling pan, which is to be honest, the bee’s knees. Starters were lovely. (Chicken Wings in BBQ Sauce), the main course was delicious – already discussed – and the desert was lovely (Apple Crumble thing).

The afternoon me and Emma’s dad played a couple of XBOX games. Fifa ’09, Forza 2 and a few others. Emma then joined in for Trivial Pursuit and Scene it?.

I’m writing this thinking… you guys probably don’t care about my day or my evening or whatever I got up too. Today is the first day in the past few days were writing in this has felt pointless. I know people are reading it as apparently I had 60hits a few days ago and that made me feel happy. But today’s entry actually just seems rubbish. And i apologise for that. I really do.

Tomorrow we’re actually going to Bluewater. I’m not going to be looking for anything in particular. Might browse the preowned section. Might have a look at the graphic novels in the bookshops. Might buy another pointless notebook. I currently have two in my draw that I don’t use. And I doubt I’ll use them at university either – because they’re too nice for university usage and definitely too nice to be used at work.

But we’ll see what happens. Bluewater is good, but there’s only so many times you can walk around it. But i’m sure i’ll keep you posted via @twitter or facebook as I update both with the same update. Because I am lazy.

Take care Journal. If your visiting. Leave some love, perhaps consider subscribing, it’ll save you clicking the links I spam all the time then you could read me in your Inbox, while your at it read the [SR] Blog as well. It’s a lovely place and we want people to comment on our discussions!

Peace. Love. Rock n Roll.

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