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I must apologise for yesterday and the shafted opening lines. I’ve actually lost track of what day of the week we’re on. If you note the beginning of Monday, I clearly thought it was Tuesday so i had to panic on an opening. Forgive. But I do know for sure that today is Wednesday.

And on this Wednesday, we actually made it to Bluewater. Given the fact we’re in the middle of school holidays it definitely wasn’t as busy as I’ve seen it, in fact it was all pretty relaxing until Emma’s Mum disappeared. Well she didn’t technically disappear, she wandered off without Emma’s dad which was bad because Emma’s Dad was our only means of getting in contact with the both of them as her Mum had left her mobile at home.

When Mother and Father were reunited. It was pretty funny.

Well I bought a book today, didn’t get anything else, I’m waiting to see what the cash situation is like on Friday because I really fancy Splinter Cell Conviction. Throughly enjoyed the first two Splinter Cells, didn’t finish the third one. Double Agent was enjoyable but I didn’t enjoy the JBA sections. If you didn’t want to tackle the side missions you ended up having to find something else to do for half hour while the time ran out. But convictions looks pretty interesting and slick. I don’t normally read reviews before I play games because I want to draw my own conclusions as to how I feel about them.

Oh I got a Disney mug as well. A Toy Story one with the Toy Story alien on it saying ‘Save the Planet’. Bad Ass.

When we got back we watched American Idol. Elvis week. Was quietly impressed by pretty much everyone. It’s a good show and they’re all very good artists. Not really anyone I’d go out of my way to listen too but you can see how they’d all have appeal. Not sure who I want to win at the moment. But they’ve raised their standard further then what I could compete with.

Oh ‘Iron Man 2’ trailer is on. Sexy times. I’d like Joss Whedon to direct ‘The Avengers’ movie. He’s short listed apparently. I was never a fan of Buffy or Angel. But i loved Firefly/Serenity and think he would do this film very well. Just personal opinion.

Will say something though, I am totally excited about ‘Prince of Persia’ the film. Always been a fan of anything Bruckheimer touches and I think this film is going to blow its summer competition out of the water.

And Chris Pine for Jack Ryan. I can see that but from what I’ve read of the planned synopsis, they’ve gone all Bourne. The Story isn’t anything from a Ryan book, they have his background pretty accurate but its not a TC book. Then again, Clancy sold his name out to Ubisoft. I imagine selling the character to a studio isn’t much different. Although I’m sure he’ll be an exec producer or something.

What i did *JUST* receive, which I’m blown away by is a response from Ray Kurzweil, author of ‘The Age of Spiritual Machines‘. I emailed him saying I’ve just finished his book, which he wrote in 1998, and said that some of his predictions for technology in 2009 are proving very accurate, but would he amend any of his predictions for 2019 now we’re 10 years down the line. He actually emailed back saying he’s currently writing an essay about his predictions and he’ll send me a copy when he’s done. Totally stoked.

Totally, Utterly. Stoked.

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