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So, i’m trying to put some thought into who i believe my personal heroes are. People who i look up to an admire, people who I’d like to be like, who i aspire to be…

Mark Webber

The first Person on my list is Mark Webber a guy I’ve admired since the first time he stepped into an F1 car and had a fantastic race in front of a home crowd.

I like his work ethic. I like his attitude and most of all I admire his determination. A couple of years ago Mark Webber had a big accident doing his own Tasmanian Challenge and trashed his leg. He rehabilitated and in a very short period of time and go straight back on it in winter testing. He had his best ever season after that and my fingers are crossed that he’s going to have a stunning season this year.  The Red Bulls are fast and so is Mark Webber.

Felix Baumgartner

Next up on my list of heroes is this guy. Felix Baumgartner. Baumgartner is a B.A.S.E jumper who’s jumped some of the most iconic structures in the world. The Petronas Twin Towers and my personal favourite, Christ the Redeemer. Of course B.A.S.E jumping is completely illegal so none of this is organised and he takes it all on himself  to do these things.

This guy is nuts, there’s no other words for it. But it goes much further than that. Baumgartner was the first person to freefall and fly across the English Channel in a specially designed fix wing. This guy sees a challenge and does it. And now for his swan song, Baumgartner is going to do something that i feel most people would see as impossible. He’s going to freefall from the edge of space. 23 miles up. And if that height doesn’t take your breath away, he’s also going to try and break the speed of sound on his way down. What’s really fascinating about all this, everything he’s using has to be custom designed. And what really made me gasp and due to the restrictive nature of the helmet he’s going to wear on the way down – he can’t see behind him to open his ‘chute.

It’s people like this guy who push the boundaries of what’s possible are the reason mankind keeps moving forward. And what makes me laugh even more. He’s going to retire to become a helicopter pilot.

Rob Thomas

Rob Thomas made my list because i’m just in awed by this guy. Singer. Songwriter. Frontman. If i had musical talent i’d love it to fall into the same gene pool as Rob Thomas’. I love this guys voice. His stage presence.

I have Matchbox Twenty’s Storytellers on DVD, Adam Gayner ask’s him ‘Did you always want to be a singer’ he’s answer is ‘No, but he’s too vain to let other people sing his songs’, which i think is a brilliant answer.

Rob Thomas is managing to have a successful career with a band and a very successful solo career. He’s written some amazing shows and has always been consistently brilliant. The guy can sing. Play piano. Play guitar. When i attempt to sing, its Rob Thomas who i aim to be like. I just think he’s mind blowing. I really do.

Ryan Adams

Ryan Adams made my list, for the same reason as the other people, he is one of my heroes. But unlike the singer above him. Ryan Adams is on here because of just how flexible he is.

I first bought one of his albums about 4 years ago and then, pretty much the same day I bought all the others.

Every album. ‘Love is Hell’, ‘Rock n Roll’ ‘Heartbreaker’, ‘Gold’, ‘Easy Tiger’, ‘Demolition’, ’29’ and ‘Cold Roses’ are all so different. But oh so brilliant. Everyone of those albums has a couple of songs on their which when listened too will just blow your mind. How perfect and how amazing would it be to this talented. To be able to alter your style for every album and produce tracks of a fantastic quality consistently across the board is mind blowing.

I’m sure there’s other Artists and Sport Stars and people who push the boundaries who i could think of that would make this list. And i know the list i have at the moment isn’t probably very well discussed or thought out. But having people you admire, heroes as it were, is a very personal thing.

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