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So this is the first time I think I’ve posted twice in a day well, technically it’s number three now because i posted yesterdays after midnight. But we won’t go into too much technical depth as far as days are concerned.

The one earlier was about people I admire, personal heroes of mine. I thought they all deserved their own topic rather then a few bylines in this. I also liked the pictures I got to put in. You might see more of those, but I don’t know.

I was thinking about how my blogging has changed over the years and the things I blog about. It has changed a lot i guess, as i stated over here on the [SR] Blog but perhaps that’s for the better. But writing the article made me think whether its my style that’s changed or whether technology has changed and I’m just using it all completely differently. It’s hard to tell. I hope you people who are reading this actually like the things I have to say or at least find it remotely interesting. I am trying I swear!

Today was a nice relaxed day. We went to Ashford because Emma’s mum had to go see somebody. Didn’t really see much of Ashford just this industrial park and quite a funky Mcdonald’s it looked like some kind of strange bunker. Looked like a McDonalds inside, but looked funky from the outside.

The drive home was ‘interesting’ as well. As we were coming back from Ashford down some country lane we had an almighty noise, a metallic sounding one like we’d run over something. Turns out we had and it had pierced the tyre. Had to pull into someone’s drive way – not entirely certain they noticed and change the car wheel. This is immensely easier then trying to repair a puncture the size of an atom in a bike tyre. Which i frequently do and when i return to the 20mile round trip, you guys are going to know all about them. Just you wait for the #puncture tag, it’ll be HUGE. The tag not the posts about it.

Just for the record, Me and Emma’s Dad have about 4 minutes to shave off our wheel changing time to bring us on par with Red Bull Racing

This evening i’ve mostly been sat on my netbook. I wrote the aforementioned article on [SR] and i’ve been just browsing around.

Did watch American Idol though, it’s annoying because you have to question how many of these people are being voted off because they’re bad or how many of them are being voted off because they’re not very popular. Characters like Big Mike have wowed people by just being him by being a lovely huge black guy other people, Like Andrew Garcia just seem quite and get on with what they’re doing but this doesn’t endear the public, which is a shame because he could’ve gone far in the competition too!

I think I might have been one of the only people in the country who didn’t watch nor was particularly fussed about the political debating that is going on at the minute. They probably would have covered issues i care about but i think I’m just going to dedicate 10minutes of a day to go on their websites and read their policies for myself and make up my own mind.

Tomorrow is the return Journey home. It’s going to be an early one because I’ve got the dentist unfortunately and I know that upsets Emma which believe it or not upsets me. I don’t like her being sad when we go home, I feel guilty enough as it is because she moved along the coast and set up shop with me and I know she misses them terribly. I wish I made a different decision then and moved this way with her. Obviously life would be completely different. My Mum would visit as often as she does at the moment. Which is never. Not sure what I’d be doing for a job. Or if I’d be at university. Or what. Who knows, its an interesting thought.  Maybe I did in an alternate universe.

So I think I scratching Blogging off my list of things I want to do more of.

  • Blogging
  • Playing/Learning Guitar
  • Reading (More often then i do)

(**EDIT** The HTML for Strikethrough doesnt want to stick)

There, scratched off. Who knows how the other two are going to go. 🙂

Here’s the interesting thought to end the journalling on. Now my holiday in Ramsgate has finished until the summer. And I’m probably going to be doing less within my day, more XBOX. More cycling. More work. Are my journals – unless you think they are already – going to get more dull?

Stay tuned.

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