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This post is dedicated to Richard Limburn.

I apologise dear readers for not giving you anything to read over the last few days. Not even something random like my favourite musical artists and why or something dumb like that.

Part of the reason for lack of updating is pure and simple down to work. I don’t bring my work home with me – well there’s nothing to bring home, but what does come home with me is the actual tiredness. In the last nine months i’ve never felt so tired as i perpetually do. Who’d have thought that just sitting there answering phones and talking to people about their bills would tire you out so much, but there’s so much to think about so much to discuss.

One thing I did learn today while doing some ‘coaching’ is how appalling my voice is and i am so sorry to everyone i’ve ever had to subject to it. I don’t sound like it in my head which is frustrating, i always thought i had a nice voice. It grates on me when i hear it back, it must grate on you guys.

Most people i speak to on my day to day basis are nice lovely people who are polite and courteous and just want answers to thier questions or have thier issues solved. Five minutes from the end of my shift and the most obnoxious, rude, old guy called through saying how he was going to call the ombudsman etc, didnt want to hear what i had to say, just wanted to talk at me, asked to speak to a manager, just talked at her not interested in what she had to say either. Ruined what was a perfectly good day.

Monday kind of passed by nothing particularly special happened on monday. Cycling to work at the moment in the weather at the moment is lovely. Its not hugely warm at the moment but its pleasant enough cycling in shorts and tee shirt. I think i’ve done almost 3000 miles since working there and think I’ve got the train a total of 10times in about 9 months. 19.5miles a day or something certainly adds up. I’m starting to look like Chris Hoy… only better.

Watched some racing on Sunday. I love formula one. Its a beautiful sport. Its not at 8am in the morning however when you’ve been up til 4 gaming with a certain best friend in Kent. But needless to say Grid is pretty awesome online, it does lead to much closer racing then Forza which is certainly something to think about.

Jenson Button is clearly maturing right before everyones eyes and he’s proving all the doubters wrong. I’m a JB fan, i thought his decision at the start of the season to move to HamilTEAM Vodafone McLaren was an arrogant and stupid one, but he’s certainly showing little Lewis up which is certainly making f0r a lively season.

Worked on Saturday as well, only 5 hours, it was my first day back after almost two weeks off, wasn’t difficult getting back into the groove, it was relatively quiet. I’m struggling though if I’m honest with you dear Reader, I’m feeling sad because I’m not doing as well as I had been doing and I think I’m not doing as well as I had been doing because I’m feeling sad. Its difficult to tell, just concerned about my performance, I don’t want to suck, I hate sitting there and most people around me doing well. It’s depressing being towards the bottom of the pile. Being mediocre is fine by me, being rubbish is depressing.

On another note 4 and a half months until the start of university and I can not wait. I really can’t. Excited, not particularly nervous, just rather keen, need to start completely fresh and in the right frame of mind, need to make sure everything I do is done to the best of my ability and to be honest, it should be quite a high standard. I know I’m capable of it.

Well I’m watching one of my favourite shows. House. Its fantastic, Hugh Laurie and all the cast for that matter are brilliant and I love the story lines, its on my list of shows I adore, which is pretty much House, Lost and FlashForward is really growing on me.

Well Journally Blog, that is a wrap for tonight, I promise I’ll work harder in future to produce some entries, hopefully of better quality then this one. Although it wasn’t that bad… was it?

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2 responses

  1. Emm0r

    Your voice is not horrible; it’s lovely and that was one of the first things I loved about you when I spoke to you on the phone for the very first time. I remember thinking you sounded posh in comparison to what I was used to. Now you’re just a common Gosport lad to me. 😛 But I still love you!

    Don’t stress about work. Who gives a shit about selling energy to people!

    20/04/2010 at 23:45

  2. Rich limburn

    Dedicated?? To me??? I feel honoured 🙂

    22/04/2010 at 06:44

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