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So I thought I’d set about and do another list Blog of things that I love and enjoy and I was contemplating what to do. I eventually settled on sharing with you five albums, my desert island discs, the music I couldn’t be without. Albums that the first time I ever listened to I was blown away by.

Ryan Adams - Gold

Gold (2001)

I’m starting off with Gold by Ryan Adams. This album from start to finish is magical. It feels amazingly complete. Every single song is of such mind blowing quality.

I remember getting this album… well, I actually picked up about four Ryan Adams albums all in the same day. And every one I’ve listened too is breath taking. Adams has this fantastic skill that whatever genre he wants to touch, he owns.

From the heavier ‘Rock ‘n Roll‘ to the more country ‘Heartbreaker‘. Gold sits somewhere in the middle. For me, out of all the material Adam’s has released, either solo or as part of The Cardinals, Gold sounds the most mainstream, the most rounded. It’s also the best example of a singer/songwriter I have ever heard.

Tracks to look out for – ‘New York, New York’, ‘Nobody Girl’ and ‘The Rescue Blues’

Say Anything - ...Is A Real Boy

...Is a Real Boy (2004)

My love affair with Say Anything actually started at a Dashboard Confessional show. They were preferring Remember to Breathe and the actual song had finished, and they carried on playing, as bands do live and they suddenly started singing more lyrics. The only ones I remembered at the time were ‘I can’t get laid in this town, without these pointy fu**ing shoes‘. When I got home went straight onto a Dashboard community on LJ and sort some answers for this new version of the song. One of the members sent me ‘Woe‘ and I was hooked. Before I knew it I had all their tracks.

I fell head over hells for this band. Literally, I had ‘Alive with the Glory of Love‘ tattoo and even went to see Brand New just because Say Anything were supporting. (I walked out when Brand New came on). I must have listened to the album 100 times in a week before going to see them. It was all I played too and from college. I still haven’t come across and album that has ever had such a huge impact on me from day one. Never.

Tracks to look out for – ‘Woe’, ‘Alive with the Glory of Love’ and ‘I want to know your plans’

Powderfinger - Vulture Street

Vulture Street (2003)

Trying to pick which Powderfinger album I’d take with me onto a desert island is like asking me what I would rather live without. My arms or my legs. It was a very, very tough choice. To be honest, and I know this might upset my buddy Nathan but I haven’t spent any time on their music before ‘Odyssey Number Five‘.

Everything they released after that, to me, just got better and better. That is to say, I believe their releases after this album, were probably better albums. However, this is the one I rant and rave about. I feel in love with how this album sounds. It’s got a classic raw rock sound to it from start to finish.  I challenge you not to love this album. I really do.

Tracks to look out for – ‘On My Mind’, ‘Love Your Way’, ‘Sunsets’

Our Lady Peace - Healthy in Paranoid Times

Healthy in Paranoid Times (2005)

Like I have said for pretty much all the albums listed above this one. My breath was taken away from the very first listen of Our Lady Peace’sAngels / Losing / Sleep‘. And Healthy in Paranoid Times still leaves me blown away every time I listen to it.

So much back story spins around this album, that it took so many years to record, that the band “split up” a few times while recording it. And the inlay lists actual figures about how much was spent on porn, how many kids were prescribed anti depressants etc during the time it took to record the album.

The album really really does speak for itself and to me shows what a band at the top of their game can produce. You listen back through the back catalogue and there are so many stand out, mind blowing OLP tracks you’d think it would be hard to top what they’ve already achieved and this album proved you can. And to be honest, they stepped it up again with their newest release ‘Burn Burn‘.

But for me, putting this album on, turning it up loud and singing every single word is a beautiful feeling, a start to finish listen of this album will not leave you wanting more at the end.

Tracks to look out for – ‘Angels / Losing / Sleep’, ‘Where Are You?’, ‘Boy’

Matchbox Twenty - More Than You Think You Are

More Than You Think You Are (2002)

This last album has me conflicted. I can go through my entire CD collection and fight with myself over what I should put in as my fifth CD. And Matchbox Twenty‘s More Than You Think You Are won out. It actually beat other huge personal favourite bands like Muse, Jump!, Foo Fighters and Goo Goo Dolls.

I think the reason why, on consideration Matchbox Twenty have made it onto this Top 5 is its one of the most enjoyable listens I’ve ever had. I remember borrowing it off my buddy Tim and struggling to get past ‘Disease‘ because it’s such a mind blowing catchy song. And when I finally got past the song the album opens up and every single song knocks you for six.

Bright Lights‘ is a Microcosm for the entire record and how it makes you feel, the slow piano start building up to a big, polished, band sound which I really feel no one else out there can do as well as Matchbox can.

Tracks to look out for – ‘Disease’, ‘Bright Lights’ and ‘So Sad, So Lonely’

I think every album on this list share the same traits, all of them, straight out of the box they are all been awesome. None of them have require multiple listens before you get to the conclusion that they’re great. The album goes straight on and your hooked from the first track right through until the last.

Don’t believe me. Have a listen for yourself. I promise you, you will not be left disappointed.

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2 responses

  1. Rich Limburn

    I love Ryan Adam’s Gold album. Bought it just before my 21st and I’m always listening to it. Especially love Rescue Blues

    28/04/2010 at 22:36

    • It a brilliant album. I’ve got all his solo stuff and the stuff he’s done with the Cardinals – he’s having a break from music at the moment because he’s got tinnitus and something else I believe which is forcing him into break.

      The only Adams stuff i don’t have is what he recorded with Whiskeytown.

      He’s married to Mandy Moore you know.

      28/04/2010 at 22:56

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