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Sorry people that it’s been so long since I’ve last blogged, I am in a constant state of tiredness. I really don’t know where my evening disappears off to but it just feels like I get in, I eat, walk the dogs then I fall asleep. And I really don’t have any mornings, so finding time to do stuff like this is hard.

Work’s been work, I had my sales target lowered so it’s more achievable but I feel like I am still miles off of hitting it, but all I can do is keep going for it. I am still enjoying my cycling there and at the moment the big commuter scheme is running so I am putting in my miles and I might win something from it. I doubt it though šŸ˜¦

Had a visit from Jordan on Saturday, we sat around, talked about music, Jordan played some, I sang – I like to think I am an alright singer, but I’m certain Jord just humours me. Although the stuff I look for when I want to sing is pretty basic.

Sunday me and Emzie went to London to see Simon Amstell. I have been telling people it was to see his Stand up, but as he pointed out, it was to watch him practice his stand up. He was pretty funny, I found myself laughing more with Amstell then I did when I saw Jimmy Carr. Not saying Jimmy Carr wasn’t funny, because he very much was. But Simon Amstell was brilliant.

We had a fantastic day though. We went to the Imperial War Museum which like all the London Museums is fantasticly presented – but it makes you feel so sad, walking round the halls reading about things people endured during that time and then we hit the Holocaust Exhibition which was the most upsetting thing I’ve ever walked around. I think the worst part was the scale model ofĀ Auschwitz which you walk around the edge and read the plaques which detail what happened from the moment they got off the train right through to the ‘shower rooms’. You just could never, ever, picture it or understand what these people went through because of their religion. Just hateful.

Although I felt a little disappointed in a few sections because there’s bits I’m interested in and wanted to know more about like more about the USMC on Iwo and more about Hells Highway. But you know, there’s always Wiki.

Inbetween the two events of the day we had a wander round the big smog, visited Covent Garden – avoiding the Fossil shop (the shop makes me sad if I have no money). And it was in Covent Garden we discovered the painted elephants and that set up our mission for the rest of the day.

There’s a number of painted elephants throughout London, we located them in Leicester Square, Trafalgar Square, Covent Garden. They are cool, I’ve got pictures on my facebook.

Had a good meal at TGI Fridays, still can’t remember if I ordered chips or not, i wasn’t given the option, i’m not sure if it was on the menu, but i got a pile of veg. bleh.

Anyways it is Tuesday morning, I have things i have to do over the next 45minutes.

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