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Who I Am.

Me and Sato's BAR Honda - Beauliea Motor Museum
Me and Sato’s BAR Honda


My name is Luke. And this is my blog. If your reading this, thank you for visiting and taking your time out to see me.

I hope you’ll find some enjoyment on my pages. I don’t really talk about much. Not like I used too anyway. I’m a bit more mature with what I talk about and some of the ‘random’ stuff I used to share, I share else where. Maybe that’ll change with time as well.

I set this page up to introduce you to me, a bit of a biography if you will.

Well, you already know my name. That’s a bit of a given. But did you know I am 26? Born December 21, 1984. I’m also a Rat (under Chinese astrology) and my star sign is up for debate.

I was born in the naval city of Portsmouth way down on the south coast of England but I reside the other side of the harbour and have done all my life. Contrary to much belief surrounding the area, I actually very much like it down here. It always impresses me when I see a warship going out or being greeted by  the HMS Warrior.

I am a university student. Older then most. But in the same vein, I’ve also got more College level grades then most, although its debatable whether you’d consider them ‘good’ grades. But i’m happy with them. I am studying at the moment though Media Studies and Entertainment Technology at Portsmouth University. I’m enjoying it.

Through the university I also play Softball. They guys I play with are absolutely brilliant. Here, i’ll enclose a photo so you can wallow in the attractiveness of every last one of them.  Aren’t we an incredible bunch. I should have had my hair cut and trimmed by beard before the picture, but I am still a Handsome devil.

The UoP Shafters

University of Portsmouth 'Shafters'

As well as getting myself an education, I also work for one of the countries largest energy firms – as important as that sounds I just work in the eBilliing team, helping people get themselves registered or any other online related problem they may have and of course any general enquiry that may crop up. I’ve been there nearly two years now which feels like an absolute lifetime.

I enjoy it, again there’s plenty of good people there but some days it feels like a hard graft.

I’m also big into my Motorsport. I can’t drive though which makes it seem kind of ironic. But I love it. I love Formula 1 and I am getting more and more into the WRC as well. I wouldn’t say I follow a particular team or drive in F1 anymore, although I’ll always have a soft spot for Williams. It’s just a fascinating sport on and off the track with some brilliant characters and it’s always fantastic to see some brilliant British talent on display as well.

I am however a big Ken Block fan which has pulled my attention into the world of Rallying and it’s nice following a team from the ground up as well, there can be no accusations of Glory hunting. I love the things he does, the business he’s built up and his entire attitude, it’s fantastic and he really is an inspiration.

I’m also a massive gamer. I think the Xbox is brilliant piece of kit and Kinect is going to blow a massive hole in the way we look at gaming. It just needs time.  Here, this is my gamercard:

I love my racing games and shooters as well. But it takes a lot for a game to completely blow me away. Call of Duty doesn’t do it for me. I’m not saying I think Halo or Battlefield are anymore spectacular but they both have features and things that I am really impressed with and make me want to play them even more. It should all be about pushing the boundaries about what can be achieved.

Gaming isn’t the only way I get my story telling fix. I like to read as well. I’m a big fan of Tom Clancy especially the books set within the ‘Ryanverse’. Although I’m reading all the books I wish I’d read at school, or feel I should read.  Books such as 1984 and Of Mice and Men. Classics… if you can call them that.

And of course like most sane people in this world I’m a music fan. I love Powderfinger, it’s such a shame they’ve gone their separate ways.  Matchbox 20 is definitely on that list of loves as well as Muse and Foo Fighters. I’m not going to as many shows as I used too, but this is more to do with these bands not really touring much at the moment, or the bands that i really want to see such as Our Lady Peace, never really coming to the UK. I am however pretty excited about Glastonbury this  June my first real festival experience.


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