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How was your Saturday?  Work. Minecraft.



Work tomorrow. And I need to read more journals. First dissertation chapter due soon. Just wanna get uni over with. Just feels like a chore #wheresmymotivation


I haven’t slept yet, therefore its surely still the third. And therefore I would still doing a blog a day. Wouldn’t want to fail my daily blogging three days in. HASHTAGunthinkable


Need to blog earlier in the da y. Nothing interesting to say. Emmas home, you can tell because somehow one meals been cooked and there’s four days worth of washing up….


I’m a lazy blogger. Let me apologise. Recently I can’t even use university as an excuse as i haven’t been since the middle of December because of Christmas and the ‘exam period’. All I did in that time was drink tea, play games and watch some TV. I’m boring really, but I will make it up to you.

Look, I’ve already started with a new look.

The first semester of University has been and gone. Was a good, interesting 12 weeks. Learnt some good stuff and, looking at the results I’ve had back so far, quite a successful stint. An average 68 for the work that’s getting handed in. Although the 90 I got in an exam throws that average out by a few marks, but everything’s been over 60 so far, so that’s all good.

Semester two is promising to be much harder from the five seconds I’ve spent looking over the handbooks, especially effective animation. I’m enjoying it all though and can’t wait for this Semester to get into full swing, get myself into a rhythm kind of thing.

In hindsight looking back over the first semester at what I liked, didn’t like etc. Now it’s over, I did enjoy creative processes, looking at some of the stuff out there in the world in a different light completely. We were asked to keep a blog for that which you guys can find here: http://lukaskhan.posterous.com . It was an incredibly hard unit, no holding back there, part of it just due to a general lack of creativity on my part and the lateness in which I left everything, the other side is what we had to accomplish. If you want to watch it, the video is here. It’s just over half hour long, but it’s all the assignments all rolled into one, let me apologise in advance for the bad lighting.

One of the most surprising things to come out semester one which wasn’t even an academic thing was being shown wefeelfine.org. Everytime someone blog’s with the phrase ‘i feel’ the website picks up on it and collects data. It’s incredible and I’ve found a few of my own blog posts on there which gave me a strange, warm, fuzzy feeling.

Work is good, it’s hard to find it anything other than good when I’m only doing 16hours a week, but I am enjoying the new challenge that working in EBilling brings with it. It’s shocking the computer skills of some of the people out there in the world. I know I take for granted what I’m able to do on a computer and I am also well aware that the companies website could more clear with some of the error messages that come up but you find yourself having to explain some of the basics to people.

Webchat is a good feature though and it’s nice to be able to help people without actually talking to them sometimes. Not that i don’t mind that social interaction with complete strangers who are generally really angry at the company and something we’ve done but to be able to sit there and sort them out by just typing is lovely, it is however a pain in the neck having to sort hours out whenever I get a new timetable, like this semester. My next big worry as I technically don’t have to worry about hours until the second year, is whether I’m going to have exams that clash with what I am working. Oh well, if something has to give, it will be work.

Christmas was fun but I missed Emma as she went home to her parents, I didn’t go because it meant she got to spend more time there without me then she would have if i went. I took advantage though and got on with some of the games I got for Christmas. CoD: Black Ops, Star Wars Force Unleashed 2, WRC and Alan Wake. Finished Black Ops in about 8 hours, maybe less time. Wasn’t blown away by it. Always feels like the Call of Duty games are just cashing in on their name and that the developers aren’t trying to bring anything new. Force Unleashed as well was very short there’s clearly going to be another game.

I might start writing some of these thoughts on games on the [SR] Blog again, I was enjoying what we were doing with that so seems worth it especially as I have things to say.

I have been impressed of late though and highly recommending games like Alan Wake and Dead Space the new latter of which has just had it’s sequel released and it’s quite immense. What impresses me is the level of story telling, the way it’s done. I’ve got issues with some of the conventions used in the games but the narrative is fantastic and I really am constantly blown away by them.

This personal blogging malarky seems to be harder now that i’m actually doing things and have stuff more relevant to say! But do I voice it here on my personal blog or do i neglect this one more to get some of it out on the appropriate forum that myself and Tommy G have set up? Difficult, difficult.

Randomly, Say Anything has a new album out. It’s very good, it’s more like “… is a real boy rather then In Defense of the Genre which to me is good. Admitted I didn’t spend much time with the two disc behemoth of In defense of, and I will revisit it, but it didn’t strike me straight way.

I am still going through a male singer/songwriter phase. After being at SSE for 18 months and having Jack Johnson as the hold music for all that time I still don’t dislike him and I still enjoy listening to artists that are like him – Donovan Frankenrieter, Matt Costa, ALO. I’m probably going to spend some time finding artists through Last.FM under the ‘similar to’ banner. See who i can discover!

I’m still going through my phase of reading 20th Century authors who I never read at school and feel like i should. Jack Keroauc On the Road was a proper mountain to climb and thinking about it I am still not really sure what happened in it. I’m glad I conquered it though. I also finished 1984 and Animal Farm both of which were very good. Felt disappointed by Animal Farm was expecting a different ending I guess but was still a good read.

I’m on a Hiatus at the moment while I read what’s *technically* the new Jack Ryan book by Tom Clancy. I say technically because it’s Jack Jnr rather then Snr but it’s good at the moment. I don’t think Clancy wrote it though, I think he let Grant Blackwood write it as it doesn’t read like a Clancy… or what I remember them being like it is enjoyable though, getting into the habit of reading every night rather then watching TV.

Next in my reading list is Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep (Philip K Dick) and Naked Lunch (Bill Borroughs)

I’ve decided after last years Foray to get into Rallying – following Ken Blocks participation and my subsequent obsession with DC Shoes. I’m going to keep up with the WRC again – despite it coming off Dave and moving onto ESPN which I don’t have. I’m going to keep an eye on Travis Pastrana in the Nationwide Nascar series. It’s always interesting to see someone from one discipline move into another and see how they cope. Raikkonen did pretty well last year moving from F1 to WRC. I’d love to see someone go the other way, from WRC into F1 – but if 7 time world champion Seb Loeb can’t get a FIA Super license. I doubt we’ll ever see it.

Well I’m going to wrap this up now, if you’ve made it to the bottom congratulations and I will be posting more. I promise. Here and on the [SR] blog. Time to see if there’s any updates on all the F1 pages with all the car launches going on at the moment then off to Media History in Park building. Peace out people.

— — — — — —

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Well, its been 6 months since my last blog update. I apologise for that.

So what have my dedicated readers missed over the last six months of my life? To be honest, not a huge amount.

I’m now playing Halo: Reach, F1 2010 and Bioshock 2. Rather then Halo 3 and Dirt2. Oh how times have moved on…

… Well they have a bit. I’m now at Portsmouth Uni studying Media Studies and Entertainment technology. When I last wrote here I was probably applying for student finance, now I’m finally updating I am currently waiting for student finance to give me the money they said I could have.

Oh SFE is a beautiful story. To begin with there was an issue with my schedule which they fixed. Then there was a processing issue but it was worth speaking to my university. The university said Student Finance hadn’t sent them a file. Student finance advised that there was a processing issue. Apparently now however the issue is actually technically caused by myself and the open university and a conflict being caused on their system. I won’t go into specifics, but the important issue is I’m now on Week 6 of University and I’m still waiting for my finance.

Speaking of University I’m not sure how I’m feeling, not in a bad way I suppose. I’ve met some incredible people like the Softball Team. I’ve been nicknamed ‘Ditto’ by the president – Todler – due to me replying to him and one of the other guys with the exact same text message – in my defence, they both sent me the ‘same’ message.

Softball is pretty much my entire social aspect of University life which is fine by me, they are all awesome, welcoming people and its always a pleasure hanging out with them. I hadn’t played Softball since leaving senior school and that’s 9 years ago. However I may as well have never played it there as I am a total beginner. But that doesn’t matter.

It is incredibly hard to meet people though outside of these ‘social’ things. The lectures are too big to really forge any close personal relationships with anyone and you rarely see the same faces in Semiars. Although I’m getting there with some people slowly.

There’s a huge amount of work to do though, more than I’m definitely used to. Well, pause there. Is it more than I am used to or is it that it’s been so long since i’ve had to do any thing like this that I am just out of practice?

I’ve got two write an essay on a subject of my own choice for Introduction to Media Research. I’m hoping to discuss whether Freedom of Speech and Protection of Privacy can actually co-exist in the press using Max Mosley as an example.

I’m having to do a semiotic analysis of a picture for Theorising Mass Media, I’ve found a brilliant Tom Ford picture so that’s on the up.

For Creative Processes I’ve got three mountains to climb i have to do a Interpretive Self Portrait, I have to create a picture that produces a message using processes I’ve not attempted before and i then have to create a thirty minute film detailing all the creative processes that have gone into generating the work. You can view my ideas and inspiration here : http://lukaskhan.posterous.com

There’s other stuff as well, but I don’t want to bore you with all that.

Well that’s the last six weeks in a nutshell. Because of this I have had to reduce my work hours down to sixteen hours a week. Which is actually making me feel happier as a person as that place breeds a hatred of people into you. Not intentionally, I feel it’s just that it feels like you speak to some of the idiots of the country. Although I’m in a ‘slightly’ different role now so hopefully things will improve. A little bit.

I am though in a new team and I really am unsure how to feel about being in a new team. I’m not sure how well received I am by the percentage. I know I get on well with a few people but I know that if I was working full time I definitely would have asked to go back to my old team.

Well I am all blogged out for the time being… I have a lecture I have to attend. A Film screening of an unknown film that i have to write a review about in the style of The Guardian and Total Film… Fun times.

— — — — — —
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