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34140113 – 2

Bang. Minute to midnight.

By that I refer to how close I was to a new day (and another missed blog) as opposed to a reference to the Linkin Park song…



So I guess the secret here is not to stress or think about it too much. Especially in its build up.

I’m learning to drive for those that didn’t know. I’ve had about 25 to 30 hrs and its just getting ok now. Up until recently I just spent all my time just thinking about what went wrong in previous lessons. What in gonna do different in my next lesson and this causes new things to then go wrong.

Work is another example, although its too early to tell currently I psyche myself out when thinking about what I need to be doing different and things just mess up. I’m taking the same approach now. Not panicing or worrying and there has been some improvements.

I guess I need to apply that to my dissertation. But at the same time not put it off either. Just tackle it a few hundred words at a time.but not dwell on it. I wrote 800 words all weekend, in not going to think that in behind where I want to be, but instead think its positive progress.

33130113 #Dissowoes

I set myself the task of writing 2,000 words over the weekend for my dissertation.

It’s seriously hard work.

Firstly, this is because I let myself down over Christmas. I promised myself I would do reading on my subjects, Social Media, Web 2.0 and Technological Determinism. I didn’t. I set myself, mentally different dates to start things – Boxing Day. Missed that. So new Years day. Missed that. When Emma comes back from her parents. Missed that. So when I finally go to do reading its too late according to my own schedule and I have to start writing.

Of course that part only occurs to me when I check my own timetable I devised and realise that I’m gonna miss that deadline too.

So I’m doing what I always do, reading and writing at the same time.

Part of me feels like I don’t even have a grip on my own argument, another part of me doesn’t even understand what I’m reading.

I’m seriously at a point now where I feel totally swamped and hopelessly lost.


Its funny l, there’s no excuse to be failing in this blog a day malarky. Especially as every device known has a WordPress app.

See, I’m walking to Uni now (a feat in itself) and I’m writing a blog post. There is no excuse.

So I apologise dear reader (all two of you)


Oh the irony. I complained about being lazy and what do you know. I didn’t post yesterday!


I’m so so very lazy. I’m actually getting nothing done. I am ashamed of myself. Srs.


I have nothing relevant to say. Although I played FIFA with an old school friend this evening. A squad full of strikers is not a good squad